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Monday, September 16, 2019

Employee monitoring on the rise

At work, are there times when you feel that every move you make is being watched? Well,chances are that you’re not entirely paranoid and that it may be true to some extent.

New data has revealed that almost 80% of major companies have begun to monitor their employee’s use of email whether it is over the internet or on their phone. This was stated by the American Management Association which conducts yearly surveys of workplace surveillance and monitoring.

This figure wasdefinitely a large increase from the figure of 1997 when only 35% of companies were keeping tabs on what their employees were doing. The increase which was recently recorded occurred without there being any major change in the number of workers having access to office internet and email.

The study by AMA isn’t representative of every company, but it did focus on 1,627 large and midsized companies amongst its members and clients, all of which combined employ more than a quarter of the workforce in the United States. The survey also found that companies had increased the amount of monitoring they engaged in as well. 63% of companies now watch the use of theinternet by their employees and 47% of them review emails which arise from the earlier 54% and 38% figures respectively.

The information which was being gathered by companies was being used to punish transgressions which were taking place. More than a quarter of the companies which were surveyed stated that they had fired their employees for having misused the internet or their office email whereas 65% had disciplined them.

More and more companies are beginning to block what they feel is inappropriate along with websites they feel shouldn’t be used at the workplace in an attempt to control offenses. It is no longer a matter of companies simply being curious but rather they are genuine worries which they have regarding productivity. Personal emails can cause the network system to get clogged and inappropriate material being downloaded from the internet could also lead to the work environment to become quite hostile. 

While personal and professional lives have begun to blur, employees too need to make use of discretion regarding their personal activities and should make sure not to carry them out at work.

The larger a company is, the more incentive they have to keep a check on their employees. This was also stated by the survey. The most vigilant were found to be the financial sector which included banks, insurance, real estate and brokerage firms.

More than ¾ of those who worked in the manufacturing, retail and wholesale business and non-profit organizations were also under watch. The AMA, however, did point out that a majority of companies carry out spot checks instead of monitoring on a constant basis. All employees are often subjected to occasional checks while some positions in some firms are checked upon more frequently than others.

Privacy in the workplace today is more of an illusion. Work is done on equipment and machine which belongs to employers who have a legal right to the work which is produced by the employees using it.

Author Bio:

Addison is a writer and blogger at TOS mobile monitoring software blog.Heloves to write about business development and employee management tips. To know more about him follow him on Twitter @addisonalber55

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