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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Charm of a Mystery: Argyle Pink Diamonds

You can literally keep a million-dollar diamond on your fingertip, in the long term, colored diamonds are a scarce natural resource, with no new sources of supply for the near future. Colored diamonds have long been considered the most concentrated form of wealth. The relationship between size and value makes them the most precious natural resource in the world.

Insights Diamond Rose

Argyle Diamonds: One of the largest mines in the world. The Argyle pink diamonds, owned 100% by Rio Tinto, produces about 20 million carats each year in the East Kimberley region, in the remote north of Western Australia. The Argyle mine has been operational since the early 1980s and produces 95% of the world's pink diamonds, occasionally they can also be found in other mines (Brazil, Russia and India).

Argyle pink diamonds are incredibly rare, representing less than 1% of the total diamonds mined. Rio Tinto, owner of the mine, has announced that it will be closed by 2021 due to the exhaustion of the diamonds to be extracted. There are no short-term discoveries of new mining opportunities that can replace the Argyle mine.

Beautiful, rare, rare: Pink diamonds are fascinating and mysterious stones. The third mining giant in the world, the Rio Tinto Group, has the best source of pink diamonds in the world: The Argyle mine, located in the north of Western Australia.

Are they Really Rare?

Yes, of course at Argyle Diamond Investments it is really rare and real! They represent the Gotha of colored diamonds. In fact, for every million carats of white diamonds extracted only a few dozen stones can be defined as pink and few of them are certified fancy. Less still they are fancy intense or fancy vivid!


 To date we have not discovered why pink diamonds are of this color. However, the most recent studies have discovered that it is the plastic deformation of diamonds, which absorbs all the colors of light except pink. The fact that the real cause of this absorption remains unknown adds charm to the mystery!

Some scientists have studied thin sections of pink diamonds and discovered that the color is not uniform but concentrated in thin strips immersed in the white of a normal diamond.

Where the pink Diamond Originates from

The Argyle DiamondInvestments, situated in Australia, produces 90% of normal pink precious stones on the planet, however under 1% of the creation of jewels from this mine is pink. This makes the pink jewel an exceptionally uncommon stone, bound to turn out to be less and less normally accessible.

Why they are Pink?

Pink jewels get their shading in light of a characteristic occasion of extremely solid weight that causes the winding of the crystalline cross section, by refracting the light and discharging this shading.

Pink is one of the rarest colors in the world of colored diamonds. Unlike yellow diamonds, which include over 60% of all colored diamonds, natural pinks fall into the same category as blues and reds due to their extreme rarity. Because of their amazing color and extreme rarity, pink diamonds are excellent investment opportunities.

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