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Friday, November 15, 2019

How to Conduct a SMART Analysis of Affordable SEO Packages

Search engine optimization is a powerful way to enhance the quality of your website by making it fast, user-friendly, easier to navigate. This helps the websites to dominate in the top results of the search engine and increase conversion rates. Hiring a result-orientated SEO package can work wonders for your business if it yields great results for your business through its SEO practices.

Choosing the best SEO package is not an easy task. It requires excellent methodological scrutinizing of various packages offered by several SEO companies to make sure you’re not bluffed by the agencies. Whether you are an individual looking for SEO services for your blog site, or a business aspiring to achieve a strong online presence, or a merchant looking for sales opportunities, SEO is a necessity for all. However, if you’re low on budget and looking to start off with a basic search engine optimization services, you must choose a cost-effective SEO package that no only provides result-driven SEO services but also saves your pocket.

A good SEO package offers a complete solution for your business requirements and helps you expand your reach to your targeted audience. To choose the right SEO package, you need to understand your business requirements and your budget. Are you looking to investing bucks in SEO packages that are SMART and affordable? Why not try conducting a SMART analysis of the SEO package before finalizing it for your business?

Is Your SEO Package SMART and Affordable?


SEO packages have been classified as local, global/national and eCommerce SEO packages. Understand your business needs and goals and choose the SEO packages that fit your requirements.

1. Local SEO Packages: these SEO packages are beneficial for business owners who want to market their brand online and reach their local customers at the time of their need. These businesses are confined to small geographical areas such as a single city, state or country. 

Local SEO packages cover all aspects of local SEO services including local listing and optimization, content optimization, competitive analysis, keyword research, SEO audits, ranking reports and more. The main intent of the Local SEO package is to help small businesses, or to be specific, local businesses to be visible in the top search engine result pages whenever a potential customer finds its products or service.

2. Global SEO Packages: Global SEO packages eliminates the dependency upon physical address for businesses. In other words, with Global SEO packages, the businesses are not confined to their area of service. They can offer their business’ services in multiple cities, states or countries which they choose to target. Global SEO packages help these businesses to expand their online presence globally and conquer other businesses with similar services through advanced SEO services. 

Global SEO packages include in-depth website analysis, competition analysis, keyword research and analysis, SEO audits, keyword URL mapping, baseline ranking reports, creation of site maps, content writing and optimization and more.

3. eCommerce SEO Packages: eCommerce SEO packages are ideal for retailers or merchants who have an eCommerce website for selling their products. Since there isa lot of competition in this category, businesses must select a premium version of eCommerce SEO packages in order to stay one step ahead in the competition. As an eCommerce website is very different from a simple website, SEO specialists have to perform extensive research on the highly-searchable keywords in order to rank high in the search engine results. 

The services that an eCommerce package provide includes competition analysis, content optimization, HTML element improvements, checking user-friendliness, blog article writing service and usability of the site, technical audits, product image and link optimization, internal link structuring, search engine ranking reports, URL structure analysis, site map creation, competitive keyword analysis and more.


Before finalizing any SEO package, You must ensure that the services included in the SEO packages are measurable. Also, you must check whether the services are based on One-time SEO activities or monthly SEO activities as this will help you understand what you’ll obtain from the SEO packages. You must select an SEO package that caters to all your business requirements within your budget.


Due to heavy competition in the digital marketing industry, every company promises to offer effective marketing solutions for their clients. In order to survive in the competition, many a time, they tend to offer services or plans that do not seem feasible in any case. Therefore, you cannot trust every company blindly. You must perform extensive research and analysis, whether their services guarantee any result for your business or just simply empty talks.


The reliability of the SEO packages is another important look-out when it comes to choosing the best SEO package for your business. You must ensure the SEO company does not follow any black hat or unethical techniques to rank your website as it can cause your business to get black-listed by the search engines.

Timely Results

We can’t ignore the fact that SEO is a long-term process. It generally takes a minimum of 6 months to 1 year to boost your online ranking on the search engine result pages. However, it may take a reasonable time if the competitive rate is high and changes are made in the search engine algorithms.


So, now when you know what to look for when deciding upon the SEO packages, you can easily choose the best SEO package or your business. However, if you’re new to SEO, you may approach someone who has good knowledge about SEO as the person can guide you better with the SEO terminologies and help you choose the perfect SEO package for your business.


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