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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

How to get your Wi- Fi router working faster?

A sluggish Wi- Fi connection might turn out to be a damp squib and spoil the experience of suffering. If you are sick of your Wi-Fi connection, there are various ways by which you can restore it. A series of tools and hacks are there for your handy reference. Let us explore them in details

Keep the Wi- Fi in a proper location

The right place does not mean under the kitchen sink. In order to obtain the strongest possible internet connection, you need to keep the Wi-Fi on a flat surface, off the floor that is closest to the center of your home. If it is possible somewhere out and high in the open is better away from the thick and concrete walls. The mywifiext local  router has to be stationed properly so that the connection makes its way through the walls in comparison to an angle. If you are in a multi- floor apartment keep the Wi-Fi connection on top for better coverage. The reason is that angles have an important role to play in terms of connections.

Switching of channels

TVs are not the only place where you can switch channels, but other gadgets are there where you can change channels. In order to avoid interference from neighboring networks switch your Wi-Fi router as per specified protocols. If you switch it on and the channel shows a zero then you can try another channel from 2 to 10. This is to be done till the point you maintain a strong internet connection.

Purchase of a superior Wi- FI antenna

Most of the WI- FI devices are equipped with an antenna or two. But sometimes they are not that strong in order to send out signals to far off areas or even distinct regions. Once you add a booster antenna you can address this problem that goes on to strength your connection base. In addition, they are going to provide you coverage over large areas be it warehouses or outdoor spaces. A wide array of antenna is available at most of the online stores.

No technical expertise is called for when you are planning to install a high end antenna.. No cables, no drivers coupled with minimum amount of fuss. It is a common hack and when done in an effective manner the results can be nothing short of outstanding. The process is fairly simple as the old antenna has to be removed and a new one is to be installed.

Purchase of a Wi-Fi extender

The high end antennas improve your Wi- Fi connection, but a Wi-Fi extender provides them with an improved speed along with precision. For extending the range of connection, you can opt for NetGear extender. is an easy to use interface, and if it doesn’t work, you can go on to access via You will be then directed on to the login page and you have to enter your user name.

The only drawback with a plug in extender is that the quality ones work out to be expensive. So, opt for one that suffices your requirements without breaking your bank.

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