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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Why is fleet maintenance a critical business function?

In this world of shrinking business margins, every venture is looking to reduce costs and improve the impact of automation for better gains. The situation is no different for a fleet management company. 

Managers are always on the lookout to leverage technology and build a feasible operational model that will align with their growth aspirations. For accomplishing this advantage, they seek the assistance of a Fleet maintenance software. Such a solution provides a proactive view of the health of the cabs or trucks and provides insights on components like tires, brakes, engine oil, pressure, axles, engine health, lights, and exterior body.

Below are some vital benefits that such software provides to an organization that deals in multiple cars, cabs, or trucks to run its business:

1 - They ensure smooth transportation

Fleet maintenance software helps the managers to know when preventive maintenance is due for a cab. All servicing is done promptly with the help of this solution. As a result of this promptness, there are minimal chances of a vehicle breaking down when in transit. For time-sensitive goods or perishable items, this advantage can be a valuable difference that separates the best from the rest. This advantage enhances the company’s credibility because of the series of timely deliveries made by the well-functioning vehicles present on the fleet. This reputation boost not only improves the revenue generation potential of the venture but also acts as a USP. Your marketing team can use this differentiator to land more clients in the future.

2 - Improve on-road performance

In case of a breakdown of a heavy truck or trailer, the outcomes can be chaotic. The road gets jammed due to the failure. It not only inconveniences other drivers but also delays the consignment delivery time. When a fleet owner utilizes a fleet maintenance software, such on-road problems do not occur at all. The advantage happens because all the parts have been serviced promptly to ensure a smooth on-road performance of the truck.

3 - Optimized fuel costs

Fuel is one of the highest costs that impact the revenues of a fleet company. If a fleet manager can control fuel consumption, then the company can experience a competitive edge. A fleet maintenance software seeks to deliver this advantage with smooth performing parts that do not consume fuel unnecessarily. With real-time fuel consumption tracking, fleet managers can easily detect attempts to steal fuel or use the same for non-business purposes. As a result of such visibility, drivers remain alert about optimum usage of fuel and undergo scrutiny in case of mismatch between routes taken and the quantity of fuel consumed to cover the distance.

4 - Puts you in proactive mode 

Many fleet ventures that operate on manual processes face the issue of high repairs. With the presence of a fleet maintenance software provided by Chevin Fleet Solutions, the user gets 100% visibility on all critical parts of the cab or truck. As a result, the user can go in for proactive servicing rather than reactive repairs. The latter can prove to be a costly proposition that eats into the business earnings. Timely vehicle inspections will help uncover repair and servicing opportunities before they escalate into serious problems, and endanger the lives of others on the road.

To conclude

These advantages make it amply clear why a fleet maintenance software is of immense criticality. Such a solution streamlines the fleet operations. There won’t be unnecessary repair costs when relatively inexpensive servicing would avoid the issue altogether. It induces good driver behavior and propels the company to the next level of growth. Hence it can be summarized that a fleet maintenance software designed and deployed by a reliable tech company is a vital addition to any fleet management business.

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