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Monday, February 17, 2020

Pursue B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering for a bright career ahead

With the increased growth in commercial air travel and re-emphasis on space exploration efforts, a large number ofaerospace firms have been emerging in the last few years. This has led to more and more aircraft being piloted both within and outside the earth’s atmosphere, thereby increasing the demand of aerospace engineers on field.

 This high demand of professionals who are expert in the field of aerospace engineering, has given birth to numerous opportunities associated with designing, construction and manufacturing of both aircraft and spacecraft. This article will give you an idea about a handful of careers you can pursue with a B. Tech engineering degree.

·         Aerospace Engineer – Aerospace engineers typically perform as mechanical engineers in the aerospace sector. They specialise in modifying parts of aeroplanes, missiles and spacecraft that can be made to work better or function more efficiently. They conduct research on potential mechanical advances, to develop innovative aerospace technologies for current and future applications.

·         Aircraft Designer – Aircraft or spacecraft designers are hired by commercial or government air travel agencies, to design state-of-the-art machines. These newly crafted machines are expected to be safer and much more efficient than their older versions.

·         Data Processing Manager – Data processing managers work towards producing supercomputer simulations that can pave way for timely, efficient and affordable ways to conduct. These simulations are provided to the engineers to collect the data within them to determine how to employ it to find new solutions and get them to the global market.

·         Compliance Officer – Compliance officers are basically aerospace inspectors, who are accountable for making sure that passengers in the air and on the ground are safe.They enforce differenttypes of safety regulations and laws that are designed to catch criminals, as well as safeguard victims. These professionals are hired by both private and government companies that provide air or space travel.

·         Aerospace Technician – Aerospace technicians are members of the aerospace team who specialise in installing, maintaining, testing and repairing equipment. These deal with equipment that is being used in the field or developed for future use, which is why technicians are at times needed as part of research teams.

·         Payload Specialist – Payload or mission specialists are mainly part of the crew member of a space mission, who is accountable for data collection, experimentation and various critical duties. They are also responsible for installing a piece of equipment that might be of use during the mission.
Thinking of starting your career with any of the above-mentioned job roles? Take up B. Tech aerospace engineering to transform yourself into an aerospace industry ready professional.

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