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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Top Reasons for Selecting Flip Top Caps forthe Bottles

Bottle caps are important to prevent its contents from falling out. Depending on the needs, the caps have to be selected. Not all caps are designed same. Each one offers with distinct use and purpose. The selection has to be made depending on the contents the bottle will hold. Based on this factor you may have to select flip top cap manufacturing unit.

·         Flip top cap is just the right choice if the contents of the bottle are in liquid or gel form.
·         For pharmaceutical products like tables or capsules, flip top caps are most recommended.
·         Flip tops are designed to avoid unwanted access by young toddlers and kids.
·         They are designed to offer with high level security to the contents.

Dispense types

Flip top caps are generally dispensable types. They will offer with best anti drip benefit. The base of the cap just fits perfectly over the top screw of the bottle. The cap is also provided with extended nozzle that will allow the liquid to dispense drop by drop.

This factor is beneficial as the content of the bottle is always safe against leakage.


Another major advantage of flip top caps is that they are designed with best compatibility features. The caps of one size will fit different product bottles. These are generally reusable types and can be used after washing with warm water.

A single cap can easily be placed on multiple bottles when being used. You may not have to look around for different caps for different bottles.

Best neck fit

The caps are flip top types. The top of the flip cover is provided with well secured cap. The contents of the bottle may never leak from the nozzle side. The base of the caps is designed to rest perfectly on top of the bottle screw. So they are provided with right size neck finish.

The material used for making these caps is also durable and does not lose its grip easily. The same cap can be used for many years on different bottles.

Chemical resistant material

Manufacturers always ensure that quality material has been used for manufacturing flip top caps. The caps are best to be used for pharmaceutical bottle and contents. The material does not react when in contact with the contents of the bottle.

This is one of the reasons you will find manufacturers using these types of caps in most household products.

Quality snaps

Just keep in mind that we are speaking of flip top caps. These are also provided with quality snaps on top of the caps. This is a type of safety lock mechanism that prevents the contents from flowing out. The head is provided with a perfect depression that acts as a quality locking system.

As the flip caps are not provided with threaded material so it does not lose its grip. It is more durable type.

Child resistant features

The moment you select flip top caps it is certain that you are concerned about the contents not being accessed by kids. Flip top types offer with best child resistant feature. The flip tops are so well fitted that they cannot easily be opened by young kids.

When selecting flip tops the contents are always well protected against humidity and temperature. You just need to ensure that you have selected best flip top caps manufacturers for your bottle.

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