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Thursday, April 9, 2020

A sea of opportunities for individuals with AI skills in India!

According to an analysis by Accenture, AI has the potential to add US$ 957 billion to India’s economy in 2035. In order to seize the opportunity, policymakers and business leaders in India has already started preparations as more money is being channelled to AI initiatives and AI start-ups. The government too has enacted several initiatives on its own through its thinktank NITI Aayog and is continuously encouraging both the private and the public sector to embrace AI.

For hardworking and talented individuals like you, this is a great time to decide on an Artificial intelligence course in India so that you can acquire all the necessary skills and jump into a sea of opportunities!

Why is AI important to organizations?

Creating intelligent systems through the combination of data, technology and talent is the need of the hour. AI is an innovation that has eluded mankind since the 1950s. However, today with the help of sophisticated machines, increasing amount of quality data and decades of research, we are able to tap the huge potential of AI. As a result, today we have machines capable of performing complicated tasks automatically and that too without or little human supervision!

Let us see a few examples of how organizations benefit from AI:

       AI acts as a catalyst for business and economic growth

AI powered systems are capable of learning, adapting and evolving automatically, thus eliminating problems with faulty or inefficient machines. Moreover, AI powered systems are capable of working smartly in order to be more efficient. For instance, the inventory management systems utilized by most e-commerce companies or the cyber security systems used by all the banks. This in turn immensely helps the business to grow steadily!
       AI lets businesses to thrive in the age of digitalization

In the age of digitalization a company must have a data-based strategy in place or in other words, it must leverage data. However, with AI and its cousins like ML and DL it is almost impossible to leverage data. This, is why skills in AI and ML is considered essential if you intend to make a career in data science or hope to grab fancy job titles like Data engineer, Big data expert and Data analytics leader!

AI is also vital for the society as a whole

Governments across the globe are embracing AI for providing smart governance and vital sectors like Healthcare, Education and Research are relying on AI to progress efficiently. AI powered machines have proved highly beneficial in such fields to get rid of complex problems such as lack of professionals and time constraints!

AI skills to watch out for

While going for an Artificial intelligence course in India you must make sure that you acquire in-demand skills such as-

       Programming skills like Python and R
       Command over UNIX tools
       Advance signal processing
       Distributed computing efficiency

Apart from such skills you must also make sure that you completely understand real business problems and have the ability to solve them practically. And you will be all set for a world of opportunities!

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