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Friday, November 27, 2020

5 Signs That It’s Time to Give Up Your Timeshare


Are you one of the 9.6 million households that own a timeshare product? Timeshare salespeople are very convincing, but many people start to question the decision once they're locked into the contract.

Maybe you initially loved your timeshare, but it just doesn't bring you as much joy anymore. Perhaps you're questioning the financial investment.

Keep reading to learn five signs it's time to give up your timeshare.

1. You Can't Afford It

Many people who invest in timeshare rentals don't fully understand the financial commitment. High-pressure salespeople might convince you that it's affordable when it stretches your budget too much. If you're starting to feel the strain, it might be time to learn how to get out of a timeshare.

For other people, the timeshare is affordable at first, but financial situations change. You might lose your job or have unexpected debt, such as large medical bills, that make the timeshare no longer affordable.

Timeshares also come with ongoing maintenance fees that can add up. If you don't understand the contract or the salespeople hide those fees, you might not realize you have those ongoing costs.

2. It Doesn't Fit Your Lifestyle

Your needs change throughout the years. The timeshare you chose might have been perfect when you were single, but now that you're married with kids, the resort doesn't work for you anymore. Perhaps you chose the resort with your kids in mind, but now that they're grown, you don't find enjoyment in the resort.

As you age, the resort might not meet your mobility needs. Your timeshare could become dangerous if it's not compatible with your needs.

Sometimes travel in general doesn't fit well with your current lifestyle. You might not have time to get away for vacations. You might decide that you prefer a different way of vacationing and don't want to be locked into your resort.

3. You Never Visit

Do you find yourself constantly skipping vacations? Sometimes it's a matter of your personal commitments getting in the way or a general lack of vacation funds.

It can also be difficult to schedule time at your timeshare resort. Finding available times that also work with your schedule can be nearly impossible at times.

4. It Causes You Stress

If just the thought of your timeshare causes you stress, it could be a sign that you should get out. Timeshares and vacations in general should be a relaxing escape from your everyday life. It's not worth it if you constantly stress about affording the timeshare or dealing with the sales staff.

5. You Feel Misled

Timeshare sales staff use lots of high-pressure tactics to convince you to commit. Once they hook you, they might constantly pester you to upgrade your contract. Your resort might promise upgrades or new amenities that never materialize.

If you feel like you were pressured into making the decision or you're not getting what you were promised, it might be time to get out.

Get Out of Your Timeshare

Getting out of a timeshare isn't easy, but it might be worth it if it's no longer fitting your needs. Assess your situation to see if the signs are there to indicate it's time to move on.

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