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Friday, December 11, 2020

How is a barcode developed?


With increasing mobile app development Dubai, you can now create your own barcode with the convenience of your phone. Lets first clear our doubts about what really is a barcode is. Barcode is a square or rectangular picture comprising of a progression of equal dark lines and blank areas of fluctuating widths. Standardized tag stores item related information like the date of assembling, expiry date, name of the maker, nation of the starting point and value amount of the item. There are two sorts of scanner tag one is 1D and other is 2D (2 dimensional).

There are 2 types of barcodes

i.                    1 dimension also known as 1D

Example of 1D:

ii.                  2 dimensions also known as 2D.

Example of 2D:

Let’s now focus on how a barcode is developed

1.      The barcode has 95 blocks

2.      Out of 95 blocks the barcode is written within 12 blocks

3.      The blocks are named as left guard, right guard, center guard etc.

4.      The number in the center guard actually represents the product category e.g. if 3 is written it means that the product belongs to pharmacy

5.      Two digits near the left bar i.e. 0 and 5 inform that the product if either made in USA or in Canada because barcode from 00 to 13 is assigned to these two countries.

6.      Different barcodes assigned to different countries e.g.

1. India: 890

2. United States and Canada: 00 -13

3. France:         30-37

4. Germany:     40-44

5. Japan:          45-49

6. Russia:         46

7. Taiwan:       471

8. Sri Lanka:    479

9. Philippines:  480

11. Hong Kong: 89

12. United Kingdom: 50

13. China:        690-692

How it actually works

As we realize that a standardized tag is a square or rectangular picture comprising of a progression of equal dark lines and void areas. The data is encoded between the length of each concealed line and the space between them it can also be done using mobile app development Dubai.

A checking gadget utilizes a laser to "read" the scanner tag by filtering in the exceptional bar of concealed lines. A standardized identification scanner peruses the lines from left to right.

A standardized tag scanner peruses examples of high contrast bars using mobile app development Dubai which transforms the data into the paired code (0 or 1). The PC peruses the data in the paired structures just and same is shown on the screen of the screen.

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