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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Make It Your Own: The Golden Rules of Branded Packaging

70 percent of all consumers say that packaging design can influence their purchasing decisions. This statistic is an eye-opener for companies who think they should focus only on the product and its performance. In reality, humans are much more drawn to beauty than functionality.

When done creatively and correctly, branded packaging can take your sales to the next level. It can draw attention to your product and brand and send the right message to your customers.

If you’ve been looking to boost your brand packaging design, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we tell you all you need to know about brand packaging. We’ll discuss the importance of good packaging, and the rules to observe during brand packaging. We’ll also provide a few smart tips for the best brand packaging design.

Read on to learn more.

What Are the Benefits of Good Packaging Design?

We’ve mentioned that creative product packaging design can do wonders for your sales. But how does it do so? Here are three ways.

It Increases Customer Interest and Brand Visibility

Good packaging can help you achieve shelf stand-out in an increasingly cluttered grocery environment. One of the characteristics of a good packaging design is its visual appeal, which gives your product a powerful shelf presence. Customers are more drawn to your product and are much more likely to buy it.

Good packaging also provides essential information about your company. It communicates your brand message, contact information, and so on. All this increases brand awareness.

Brand Packaging Helps Define Your Brand Identity

The best packaging design makes it clear to customers exactly who you are as a brand. Sure, you’re looking to make a powerful first impression for your product, but you also want to accurately and consistently reflect the true identity of your brand.

For instance, if your brand deals with all-natural organics, you want packaging that reflects this. That means using eco-friendly packaging, earthy colors, and so on, so you keep in line with your authentic brand identity.

Through consistency, your brand stays more memorable to consumers. You become easily recognizable to the public, enhancing brand loyalty and boosting sales in the long run.

Good Packaging Protects Your Product

Great packaging is not all about aesthetics. For your packaging to perform well during packaging design testing, superb functionality is essential too.

Go above and beyond to make sure your clients receive well-packaged products. Flimsy packaging communicates to the customer that the product is cheap and inferior. This alone can dent your customer service significantly.

The best packaging design fulfills the basic requirements of protecting your products without sacrificing aesthetics. It makes your customers feel that you’ve taken extra care to send only the highest quality products from your brand.

Rules of Branded Packaging

Now that you know the benefits of great packaging design, it’s time to look at the guidelines to follow to achieve such a design. Here are five of them.

Make Your Packaging Design an Accurate Reflection of Your Product

A common mistake brands make when packaging is to over-promise or under-deliver. Good packaging is a mirror image of the product you’re selling and your brand as a whole. Consumers form expectations based on what they see.

Branded packaging should never trick customers into something they don’t expect. Do your best not to disappoint your customers.

Express what you stand for as a brand on the front side of the pack. Do so using visual and verbal messages.

Keep Packaging Design Consistent

It’s quite understandable to have multiple product variants, sizes, and packaging formats. Do the necessary to keep the look consistent when packaging them.

Develop a verbal and visual style that your customers will quickly recognize you with. Consistency inspires consumer trust, which is vital.

Keep Packaging Design Clear and Precise

Packaging should be the vehicle of your marketing. Decide what message you want to communicate and use the available space smartly.

State the reasons consumers should believe in your brand. Keep everything clear to avoid needless confusion.

Use a Unique, Own-Able Packaging Design

The best packaging design is one that makes your product pop out on the shelf. Such design is different from every other product in terms of shape, format, and color palette.

Ask yourself whether consumers can recognize your product with great ease. Can they instantly know your product even without reading your brand name? This is the magic of differentiation.

Make Packaging Design Functional

Good packaging design takes functionality into account. Consider your packaging’s environmental footprint. Generally, you want to keep your packages moderately small to reduce the amount of packaging material needed per product.

Think about the type of packaging material you’re using. What effect does it have on the environment? Is the material sustainable and recyclable?

Smart Tips for Outstanding Packaging Design

The hallmark of successful packaging design is making your product stand out to the masses. Here are three smart tips to get you started.

Design Your Package for the Customer

Who are you selling to? What do they find appealing and attractive? These are the two most important questions during packaging design.

For instance, if you sell baby products, the packaging will have an entirely different look than packaging meant for high-tech lab equipment.

Embrace Simplicity

Often, simplicity works much better than making things too complex and confusing. A busy design that contains too much text can overwhelm the consumer, which is the last thing you want. Remember, you only have seconds to catch a potential customer’s attention.

Simple earth tones with a few sentences that tell consumers why they should buy your product are all you need.

Choose Colors and Fonts Carefully

Your packaging’s colors and fonts are the first things the customer sees. You want to make them eye-catching, but not gaudy or garish. Make sure that these colors enhance and complement the product.

Choose a font that’s distinctive but readable. Ensure both colors and font complement your brand’s logo.

Leverage the Power of Good Packaging to Grow Your Business

Packaging is a lot more than merely placing your products in a box. When done well, branded packaging can forge a strong connection between your brand and your consumers. By doing so, it can skyrocket your business to the top and keep you there.

Would you like to read more content on brand packaging? Please keep visiting our blog.

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