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Saturday, December 26, 2020

What Is Copywriting? A Basic Guide for Businesses


You've likely heard about copywriting and that it matters for businesses. But what makes this type of writing different from other types of business writing? Why is this crucial to help your business grow?

This is a type of business writing that is intended to sell. Copywriting works to sell your brand and the products/services it offers. As a result, copywriting for business is an investment that all entrepreneurs have to consider.

This guide will help you answer the question -- what is copywriting? You'll also learn how to find great copywriting for your business.

Benefits of Copywriting

First, let's look into the benefits of copywriting. The written word remains a popular medium to learn about brands and what they sell.

When you see a billboard that tells you how to save on car insurance, you'll want to research that service once you get off the road.

Have you read a well-written product description on Amazon? If so, you probably went ahead and bought that product!

These are typical examples of business copywriting. You need to have an expert writer write copy that convinces your customers to engage with your brand.

What Makes Great Copywriting?

Before you hire a copywriting service, you must understand what makes great copywriting.

There are many factors but you need to understand these basics to assess copywriting:

  • It's succinct
  • It uses simple language
  • It creates a desire in your customers
  • It promises a result to your customers

With these four factors in mind, try to read the copy from your favorite brands. Most likely, the copy has been written with these factors. This copy has made your favorite brands succeed in selling their products/services.

When consulting with a copywriting service, you should look at their samples. You want to see if their portfolio meets these four factors. You can also compare their work to copy that you like from your favorite brands.

Copywriting for Businesses

So what are all the ways that copywriting can get used for businesses?

Copywriting is used in advertisements for your business. They can be generic for promoting the brand. Or, they can be specific to promote a particular product/service. Writing product descriptions are also a crucial aspect of copywriting.

The text on landing pages is also another type of copywriting. Landing pages are single-page websites that promote a particular product or service.

Copywriting is also used in other forms of digital marketing. Brands use copywriting in their email newsletters and social media captions. You want to use copywriting on these platforms to promote what you sell.

There's also chatbot copywriting which is getting adopted by online businesses. This helps chatbots write automated messages to your website's visitors.

As your visitors chat with your chatbots, they will continue to produce copy to convince them to buy what your brand sells!

What Is Copywriting? Now You Know

Now that you know what is copywriting, you know how to assess great copywriting. Use this knowledge to find a great copywriting service. You can also use this advice to learn copywriting yourself.

There's also more great content on business and entrepreneurship on our website!

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