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Monday, January 11, 2021

Creating and Selling Online Course in India

One of the significantly big reasons to create courses is that we are witnessing a learning revolution. It has become possible because creating courses has become easier because of online course platforms like Spayee. Gone are the days when creating an online course would involve a tedious process and heck lot of money.

Not anymore!

The education technology has spread by leaps and bounds. We know quite more about creating course content, monetizing it and living a life king size. There are in fact, many affordable and secured course platforms that help you in launching an online course.

This blog answers the top online course selling questions.

Creating and Selling Online Course in India- FAQ

What is an E-course?

E-course stands for an online course which is designed to teach a skill, subject or interest online. The courses could be taught be colleges, schools, universities or by private educators. The subject matter of online courses wildly vary. Ranging from bloggers to primary school teachers to yoga trainers to purpose coaches, there are many creators who are teaching online. From hobby and general interest topics, there is a wonderful mix.

Precisely, if you are an aspiring edupreprenur or have something that you can teach the world, online courses is a way for you.

Why are E-courses so popular?

Online learning have become immensely popular in 2020 and will significantly rise in the upcoming few years.

     Online courses are extremely convenient and reachable to all the students across all the demographics.

     Its quite appealing because there is no barrier between learners and the classroom.

     Most of the online courses are self-paced. It means, learners are free to attend classes and complete the course at their own pace. They study when it suits their schedule.

     Noone has to travel to learn or teach. It saves time and traveling cost for both the parties.

     This makes online course investment significantly lower than traditional  classroom setup. Because of it, global registered learners can afford online courses.

     Online courses come as a rescue for wide range of reasons. While trying to upskill or add new skill sets to CV or learning something out of hobby online courses are far more convenient.

What are the benefits of creating an e-course?

E-courses have been immensely popular. The reason lies in its benefits and advantages. If you have been planning to launch an E-course, a few things might give you some clarity:

     Online courses are a great thing for edupreneurs because its easy to reach more learners online while building a scalable online course business.

     Setting up online course is inexpensive. Online course platforms like Spayee has been a bliss to many educators. THe online teaching process have become quite seamless because of it.

     With a few hours dedicated to marketing your course and building audience, there are one time online course creation process involved. .

     Its easier to host courses on educational platforms like Spayee and other mediums. They take care of all the technical stuff. Maintaining a course platform is no more a hassle because of Spayee.

     The nuances involved are taken care of. Managing membership or collecting payments are quite easy here.

Once the initial setup is done, marketing takes consistent efforts. Whether you are looking to make a passive income or active income, an online course is a great help!

Do some proper research and finally take the leap. Launch your online course in 2021. There are quite a many ways to get all the help needed. Help learners reach a specified goal and your online course would surely be successful.


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