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Friday, January 1, 2021

Glimmer and Glam: 5 Web Design Tips for Fashion eCommerce Shops


Planning to sell your fashion brand online?

In business, appearances matter. The first impression people get of your business is from your website. Whether they inspect it or not, the impression they get will influence their choices.

If you want to attract customers, you'll need to consider web design for eCommerce. A well-designed website will increase your conversion rates.

Not savvy with web design? Don't worry! Read on to discover five web design tips for your online fashion shop.

Establish Your Brand's Looks

How your website looks and feels should be consistent with your brand. Your brand's online introduction should convey the same sense of style and personality.

If you're still working on your brand's aesthetics, your website is a great place to establish it. Design your logo and style before creating and launching your site.

If your brand is already established, incorporate your brand's aesthetics into the website. This means that your logo, color schemes, and style are present in the web design.

Create Navigation That's Easy and Simple

Don't get lost in incorporating your brand's style that you forget functionality. Your website must be easy to navigate and quick to help customers find your products.

The menu bar should be free from clutter. For example, have only the main categories. Put subcategories or specific items in drop-down menus instead.

Consider having a search box too. You'll want an interface that reduces the time it takes for customers to find what they want. This is an important principle in web design for eCommerce.

Ensure Great Visual Appeal

Fashion web design tips wouldn't be complete without an emphasis on visual style. Style and design are as important for web design as they are for fashion.

Incorporating your brand's style into your website is the first principle. However, it must also translate well into your website.

This means you should have a high-quality graphic design and professional product photography. This ensures customers get the best impression of your brand and site.

Ensure a Responsive Format for Any Platform

Around 50% of internet traffic in 2020 is from mobile devices. This means that you should have a website format optimized for both mobile and web. Optimizing for all platforms is one of the essential web design tips.

Focusing on 1 platform means ignoring some of the tips above for half of the potential customers. Your website should be consistent in ease of use regardless of screen size.

Have Useful Features

Other useful features on your website can help solidify brand loyalty. You can include a fashion blog on your website for users looking for fashion tips. You can also create a virtual try-on so customers can see how your products look on them.

All this means you should have competent and professional web developers. Check out these affordable web design services.

Web Design Tips to Impress Your Users

It's important to make a great impression of your business using your website. Use your brand's style as well as considering functionality and features. Remember these web design tips, and you’re all set!

Thanks for reading! Want to know more ways to enhance your online brand's success? Check out our other eCommerce guides for more valuable tips!

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