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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Explain the difference between Webinar marketing and Fintech marketing


Fintech Industry is a snappy growing Industry, playing a crucial role in every individual's personals and professional life.

More notably, after the wake of covid, the usage and demand of Fintech companies have significantly arisen.

In general, fintech products include:

     Financial services offered via the Internet,

     Mobile devices (apps),

      Software (cloud services).

Benefits of Fintech:

     Customer Services

     Reduced Costs


     Faster Rate of Approval

     Robo Advisors



     Risk Management

Disadvantages of Fintech:

     No Physical Branch

     Lack of regulation

In the last decade, and notably over the previous five years, the event of technologies akin to Blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), the 5G network, artificial intelligence, among others, have assisted and adjusted to perform several processes that accustomed to take a protracted time in ancient banking.

From starting a savings account to receiving payments for a product or service or investing in the world's stock exchanges, These are a number of the monetary benefits that Fintech have democratized to create them attainable at the clicking of a button for everybody with a web connection.

Although for lots it's as smooth as the usage of their smartphones, this circumstance straight away excludes an enormous part of the populace that doesn't have right to the Internet, and therefore, could have problems to grow to be banked, despite the lifestyles of Fintech.

Fintech Marketing strategies are vital for the growth and success of Fintech companies.

Fintech Marketing Agencies practice these strategies

     Reaching the new audience

Among 6.648 billion smartphone users, only 1.31 users use Fintech, So there are many scopes to reach out to the new audience.

     Untapped Resources

Fintech Marketing helps in exploring the unrecognized resources


Fintech Marketing provides an opportunity to educate people about the Fintech services and advantages.


Some of the popular fintech business models are:

     Alternative credit scoring

     Alternative insurance underwriting

     Asset management

     Digital wallets

     Small-ticket loans

Some leading Fintech Marketing agencies are:

     Ninja Promo


     Growth Gorilla

     Inbound Fintech

     Walker Sands


     Pixel hop

     B King Digital


     Wallaroo Media

     Manifesto Agency

Proved Fintech Marketing a practised by Fintech Marketing Agencies:


Holding Contests, Quizzes and other themes of Games to attract the customers towards the Fintech

Arranging various types of rewards, bonuses and cashback.

     Social Media

Creating Bite-sized videos with engaging content

     Handsome Content

Attractively designed contents are the one to win the customers' hearts. Fintech Marketing agency contributes a lot of efforts for the sake of high quality of content.

     Affiliates and Influencers

Great Influencers can also help with bringing blessings to the firm

     Online Ad Campaigns

     Paid Search Marketing

     SEO Optimization

Webinar Marketing Service is a less expensive way to engage a large audience with a product or service in real-time.

 Webinar Marketing service also helps you generate new leads and engage directly with customers.

Characteristics of a successful webinar marketing service are:

 • Interesting topics

 • Use links to promote the event

 • Provide quality content

 • Clarification of questions for better engagement.

 Some of the best webinar marketing service providers are:

 • Voxturr

 • Radical Marketing

 • Vonazon

 • Neubrain

 Some of the practical ways for webinar marketing service are:

 • Social media

 • Email

 • Press release

 • Through the Webinar

 • Clients

 • Sliders and Pop-ups

 • Live or Podcasts

 Vital planning is required for a successful webinar.

 In the pre-webinar phase, the initial framework for the webinar must be decided.

 Webinar Structure:

 • Define Webinar Purpose

 • Identify Best Audience

 • Identify Webinar Type

 • Choose Right Topic

 Content Requirements are:

 • Right Speaker

 • Display Content

 During the webinar, the presenter or organizer should interact and attract customers to their goal. Presentations, videos, quizzes and games can attract audiences.

 Using more interactivity and audience engagement during your webinars is more fun.

 Creating a feedback survey can help examine and understand the needs of your audience. This helps maintain the relationship with the audience in the future.

This also increases the value of webinar content by generating new leads.

It is necessary to cultivate a relationship with the audience even after the webinar as it could be helpful for the following webinars.

Some of the Top Webinar Marketing Agencies:

     Crawford Group

     See response




     Radical marketing

Try and check new promoting tactics such as mixing online and offline experiences into your webinars. Another one is pre-recorded events. Most folks are guilty of hosting pre-recording sessions, though pre-recorded webinars enable you to manage the narrative; however, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level with live chat, polls, and Q&A, creating your event a lot unforgettable and engaging.

The term Fintech Marketing denotes broad ways, opportunities and strategies for the marketing of Financial Technology.

It can include webinar marketing, Digital Marketing or any other type of marketing.

Webinar Marketing denotes a branch or a type of marketing, Where webinars are the primary marketing medium.

To sum up, it means that the significant difference between Webinar marketing and Fintech Marketing is that Webinar Marketing is a type of marketing. In contrast, Fintech marketing includes different kinds of marketing to promote Fintech.

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