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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

The study materials for the special education teacher courses are as follows


The course aims to provide the participants with an introduction to special educators/teachers, the concept of special education and categories of special educational needs, the role, and responsibility of the special educator, and curriculum planning for learners with special educational needs. This is an interactive course that will cover the following topics; 1. Introduction to special education, 2. Different Models of Special Education, 3. Role of special educator-parent liaison, 4. Educating students with mild disabilities, 5. Curriculum adaptation and differentiation, 6. Progress monitoring and evaluation of students with special needs.


At the end of the course, successful teachers will receive a certificate of participation. If you are interested in principles of child development and the role or responsibility of a teacher, this course will provide you with a solid foundation, you may wish to consider our PGCE courses. The materials offered here have been developed to provide a systematic and objective basis for the education of persons with intellectual disabilities. They include guidelines for developing the curriculum, detailed examples of methods that can be applied to teach particular skills, and information about how to identify appropriate objectives.


AUTISM- This course helps to acquire the following skill sets: Assessment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and addressing their needs in the school, home, or community settings.

Creative program with updated techniques and innovative ideas for teachers. Theory and practical in equal proportion. Workshops regularly by inviting speakers from all over the country from every stream, so that every walk of life is covered. Special education teacher courses are available in many countries like India. Different institutions provide courses for teachers. Even the special education teacher can take a course online as it is designed to give them information about teaching to students with special needs.


Special education teacher courses are now available to teachers who would like to improve their capabilities and become more proficient in their field of teaching. The courses are based on a specially designed curriculum comprising all the important topics which cater to the needs of teachers. They have compiled information from all over the world and created the best course one could ever imagine. Study materials for Faculty Development Programme for Teachers. Participants will be provided with study material after enrollment, Applicants must have a minimum experience of 5 years in teaching.


PreambleThis course has been developed keeping in mind the needs of special education teachers. The course is designed to provide the foundational knowledge and expertise required to become a competent professional. The focus of the course is to develop understanding about children with difficulties in learning and help them to achieve their maximum potential. It also aims to enable teachers to prepare, plan and deliver effective instructions leading towards inclusive classrooms. Special emphasis has been given to developing competencies for planning, strategizing, and implementing classroom management practises.


The course is designed in an interactive and participatory format. A variety of teaching methods are employed such as lectures, discussions, case studies, and collaborative learning. Activities like practicum, self-assessments, and reflection are included for enhancing learning outcomes. The materials will be sent to the students via courier, and we will not be responsible for the delay caused by any reason. You can also choose to collect the materials from our centre at Thampanoor, Trivandrum. Online classes on these topics and sessions on specific topics can also be arranged based on the needs of students.



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