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Friday, April 22, 2022

Avoid these mistakes while hunting for an apartment!


It is a chaotic time in real estate, especially in the urban areas. People are still settling down in different areas. While many companies have offered their employees a permanent work from home opportunity, others have asked their staff to visit the office location.


Regardless of the current situation, you as a home buyer need to be extra careful while investing in real estate. Be it owning a house or just looking to rent out. Avoid these below mistakes to make sure you get the best of the deals!


Don't fall in love


The concept of ''love at first sight'' is limited only to the movies and a handful of the luckiest people. Do not fall in love with a house too soon just because it looks like your dream house. Look at all the practical aspects of the house before deciding on it.


Do not even hint to the real estate agent about your emotions. Then, they might persuade you by 'showing' all the positives of the house. What might start as a dream come true might become the most bitter experience you've ever had. Considering the health and condition of the house is equally as important as falling in love! 


Find the right agent!


Multiple people are interested in showing you around the block with different apartments, but the skilled one understands your requirements and offers you the right ones. The professional agent treats all kinds of clients with the same interest and enthusiasm.


Find the right agent by using the email search tool, This AI-powered website comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin and Gmail accounts. Hence, making it easy for you to find the real estate agent's contact.


The budget and the lease


The apartment might have a beautiful view through a balcony with modern kitchen equipment, but it is a tad bit pricy for your budget. When such a situation arises, always go with this rule of thumb - the rent/lease/mortgage budget should not be more than 30% of your income.


You have other monthly expenses to take care of, so consider these points before zeroing on a pricy apartment. The lease documents are another crucial aspect that you need to focus on. No two leases are the same. Hence, read the agreement before signing the paper. Learning things beforehand gives you an opportunity for negotiation.


No online shopping


Real estate online has made it easier for people to browse different properties without moving an inch from their desks. While this is time-saving and preserves you from unwanted awkward interactions, not being vigilant can lead to online scams.


Do not zero out on a property until you visit there physically along with a real estate agent. Check the neighbourhood personally and learn about the amenities offered yourself. Assess how long it takes to commute to the nearest public transport, pharmacy, schools, grocery stores, etc.


Final thoughts


Searching for properties online is a great idea when you are in trusted hands. It is beneficial for those who currently stay in one city and looking for a property in another. But, recommend you to check the property physically before making any decisions. After all, this is the place you will make memories as long as you stay!


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